Steve took two days for our project, which was a large area above the kitchen counters. He was prompt, knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly. He had some really great ideas for what we could do with the area, and was very adaptable to our input.
Kay Sherrard
Due to a leak, we needed a new shower in our downstairs bathroom and Steve helped us through this process without remodeling the entire bathroom! He installed a new neo-angle cultured marble shower enclosure, shower glass, repaired tile where it met the new shower on the floor and walls, and painted. The process was quick and painless for us and Steve kept the work space tidy! We were relieved to have the problem solved and thrilled with the results.
Michael Kimbell
We would highly recommend Steve Thomas for other home improvement projects and have recommended him to friends. We had our master bathroom remodeled. Steve gave a detailed estimate of the work to be done as well as suggestions of what could or could not be done. Our remodel included tile, cabinet, counter-top toilet and faucet removal. Steve re-tiled and installed new cabinets with counter-tops, toilet and faucets. Steve managed the entire project as well as doing most of the work himself. New shower doors were measured and installed by a company that Steve contacted. He was present when they measured and installed to make sure the job was done correctly and to our satisfaction. He measured and ordered the cabinets and counter-tops and was here to make sure the correct cabinets were delivered. He had one assistant to help with tearing up the old tile. This man was also very qualified and trustworthy. We appreciated Steve’s hard work ethic. He made sure to tell us when he would be arriving, always protected our flooring and furniture, and always cleaned up at the end of the work day. The remodel took approximately two weeks since Steve did most of the work himself. We liked that it was just him on the project doing the hard labor knowing it would be done correctly. We have heard stories of contractors giving estimates and then sending in hired help off the streets to do the actual work with very poor results. This is not the case with Steve. We completely trusted him being in our home and were very pleased with the completed project. He was very easy to work with and to communicate our wants and needs.
Karyn Dees
The demolition work started in earnest on time and the bulk of the tear out was done in the first several days of the project. This included completely removing 4 prior floors, wall and soffit demolition, removal of bathroom wall tile on metal lathe down to studs and the complete removal of the bathroom floor including thickset tile on concrete as well as the floor sheathing. The bath floor was built up from joists to correspond with cement board and porcelain tile heights planned through out for the kitchen and rear foyer. All new recessed lighting was roughed in the kitchen and a new ceiling hung and finished. The exterior walls were insulated with blown in fiberglass and all the walls were skimmed and prepped for paint. The coordination on the custom cabinet package was phenomenal. Changes and additions were made late that caused adjustments to have to be made and not a beat was missed. The craftsmanship and observance of close tolerances with the cabinets and the attention to detail is evident in the final product. we have been particularly pleased with the tile work of the floor and back splash. The thought process in the layout of the joints and cuts balanced the project and is exceptionally attractive. From the very beginning we felt that we had made the correct decision contracting with The Carpenters Son. We did interview several other contractors before making the decision. We felt comfortable with Steve’s thinking process and greatly appreciated his candor throughout the project. We knew what to expect in advance throughout the project. He kept us informed ahead of the project and was very much hands on and in control.
John Walling